Palette Painting Knives – Set of 5

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  • 🎨5 painting knives of sizes 1 to 5. Use for Applying paints, pastes & pigments directly onto the Canvas.
  • 🤎The Brown Wooden handle feels very premium and ergonomically designed. handle adds comfort and grip to every application
  • ✨It is widely used in various paintings such as Oil, Canvas, Acrylic, and more. Not only create diverse painting performances but also different knives also have different drawing methods.
    🧡There are curved stainless steel bars to connect the blades between the handles. It is useful to prevent the touch of a finger from the painting, and the blades can be avoided from losing and falling out.
  • ✪Thin and Slightly Flexible Blades help in applying paint properly. Use this set for painting and various art projects. Suitable for amateur as well as professional Artists.

Express Your Art With Grandink

Grandink Stainless Steel Painting Knives !!

Grandink Stainless Steel Painting Knives – Set of 5 !!

  • The primary use is to Mix Colors. Also Excellent for Thick Painting Techniques. Apply Paints and Pigments Directly on the Canvas.
  • Great product for Professional Artists, sculptors, and hobbyists. Great Replacement for Steel Painting Knives.
  • Ideal to add texture and body to acrylic and oil paints. Safer to use than metal knives, these one-piece molded plastic knives are also economical, durable, and easy to clean.
  • 5 Assorted painting and palette knives, 3 cranked handles, and 2 flat. Made from a strong and flexible, stainless steel


Palatte 1 knife 2 Knife 3 Knife 4 Knife 5
No1. Angle Trowel No2. Angle Spade No3. Angle Spreader No4. Long Blade No5. Long Blade
Knife Number And Uses No1. Angle Trowel No2. Angle Spade No3. Angle Spreader No4. Long Blade No5. Long Blade

Grandink Art Palette Are A Boon For Oil Painting

knife 102

With a Grandink palette knife, artists can cover their surface much more quickly than with a brush. Scoop up some paint with the knife and spread it across the surface to cover the white of the canvas. Get a large, flat palette knife to speed up your painting process.

Another advantage to painting with a palette knife is that artists can achieve thick texture on the canvas. By using viscous mediums that hold their shape, painters can create three-dimensional-looking peaks.

Palette knives are cheap, often cheaper than quality stiff oil painting brushes, they’re easy to clean and last longer. To clean a palette knife, all you have to do is wipe paint from the knife with a paper towel. Brushes can degrade over time, especially if you wash them in solvents. However, palette knives will stand the test of time.

Palette knives are a multi-purpose tool. It’s likely that if you work with acrylics or oil paints you own a few palette knives already. You can also use them for mixing colors on the palette.

How to Use A Palette Knife

knife 103

knife 104

Knife 106

Load up the knife with paint

Whether you want to add paint to the canvas directly or bring colors into the center of the palette to mix them, you’ll follow the same technique. Use the flat, straight edge of the knife to scrape up a blob of paint from the perimeter of the palette. Place it down at the desired spot using a wiping motion.


  • It’s easiest to load up paint onto the back side of the knife, but you can also scoop it up onto the front side.


Blend paint colors together on the palette using the knife.

Load up the knife with a single color and place it onto a clean spot near the center of the palette. Wipe off the knife with a paper towel or rag and then pick up another color. Add the new color to the same spot. Use the bottom or top of the blade to manipulate and combine the paints. Work in circular or seesaw motions to mix the colors, continuously applying downward pressure.


  • Knead the colors together until you reach the right shade. Feel free to blend the colors completely or keep them partially separate.


Angle the knife on the canvas to create different textures.

Use the flat base of the knife to drag the color across the canvas. Try pushing paint at a 45-degree angle for more texture. Flick the knife upwards at the end of the gesture to create a 3-dimensional peak. Or you can twist the knife in an undulating wave gesture to create irregular textures.

knife 108

Knife - 101

Knife 109

Point the knife in different directions to create visual movement.

The most comfortable position may be holding the Grandink knife at a 45-degree angle in relation to your body. But try holding it perpendicular to your body to create vertical lines. Rotate your wrist as you apply paint to the canvas to create swirls. Try layering a series of shorter strokes on different angles to add dimension to your painting.


  • Use a variety of directions, angles, and gestures if you’re interested in creating an organic, dynamic painting.
  • Or, repeat the same motions if you want the final result to be uniform


Pick up multiple colors at a time to create partially blended strokes.

Instead of completely mixing 2 or more shades together on the palette, load up the knife with a few colors and put them down onto the canvas. Use a variety of gestures and angles to spread these colors out and swirl them together.


  • You can keep the colors mostly separate, or soften the edges with feathery strokes and gestures.


Keep Mix And Match till you receive the Results of Your Choice

Give a Finishing Touch to your Creation

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Dimensions 14 × 6 × 8 cm

3 reviews for Palette Painting Knives – Set of 5

    July 15, 2023
    Worth the price. Definitely a Quality product. Loved it!
    March 19, 2023
    I'm super happy with this's value for Money.
    Palette Painting Knives - Set of 5 photo review
    Palette Painting Knives - Set of 5 photo review
    Palette Painting Knives - Set of 5 photo review
    Harsh Bakshi
    March 12, 2023
    These are the premium quality product.. quality of all knives are really good..and it's flexible to use and are of light weight...these are perfect for colour mixing too..go for it👍🏻
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Palette Painting Knives – Set of 5
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